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  During well testing and flow back operations, the choke manifold is used to regulate the flowing pressure, control the fluid from the well, and achieve a manageable flow rate before the fluid enters the processing equipment. When testing a well, another purpose is to prevent critical flow across the choke.

  • Well testing
  • Well cleanups
  • Frac flow back
  • Five gate or plug valves used to regulate or isolate the flow to either side of the choke manifold.
  • An adjustable choke to gain quick control of the well and for use during changing fixed choke beans without interrupting the flow.
  • A fixed choke box to insert calibrated choke beans of different diameters (depending on the pressure and flow rate required).
  • Taps : pressure, temperature, or bleed off
Connection Chokes Dimension LxWxH Weight
2-1/16 10,000 250 2” 1502 Weco Fixed/Adj 5’x4’x3’ 2,400# H2S
3-1/16 5,000 250 API Flange /602 Weco Fixed/Adj 8’x6’x3’6’ 5,200# H2S
3-1/16 10,000 250 API Flange /1502 Weco Fixed/Adj 8’x6’x3’6’ 6,400# H2S
3-1/16 15,000 350 API Flange /2202Weco Fixed/Hyd adj 10’x8’x3’8 11,400# H2S
3-1/16 20,000 350 API Flange Hyd adj 12’x9’x4’6 20,750# H2S
4-1/16 10,000 250 API Flange /1502Weco Fixed/Adj 12’x9’x4’9” 16,350# H2S
 "Choke Manifolds "
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